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About me & my design philosophy

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist. 
Pablo Picasso

Greetings, I am Rita Szurgyi, the owner & Principal Designer at Rita Szurgyi Design & Art Studio. My professional journey commenced with a legal degree from university, leading me to a role as a junior lawyer. After three years of experience and successful completion of the Bar Exam, I became a member of the Budapest Bar Association. In 2011, I founded a law office in Budapest specialising in providing legal counsel for individuals and companies in civil litigation cases. Throughout my career, I witnessed the vulnerabilities individuals face within the legal system, inspiring me to seek ways to offer protection and security. This contemplation led me to the realisation of the concept of "HOME." This significant realisation prompted a transition from law to architecture, interior design, and more recently, art appreciation. To facilitate this shift, I pursued foundational studies at the Interior Design Institute in Australia, enriching my knowledge in interior design and deepening my ardour for the field. However, I found that achieving a flawless and aesthetically pleasing interior design necessitated the integration of unique and timeless art pieces. Consequently, establishing an exclusive design and art studio featuring modern, extravagant, and timeless art creations seemed the natural progression in my creative journey. Engaging with designers and artists worldwide while crafting a safe haven for those in need has rendered interior design and decoration an exceptionally fulfilling profession for me. How about incorporating the next distinctive wall art piece into your home? Thank you for exploring my website and delving into my background. I look forward to the prospect of collaborating with you in the near future. Kind regards, Rita

A f r i c A r t   D e s i g n   P a t t e r n s  

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