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 Portfolio of Our Wall Art Designs

We sincerely believe that your home, office, commercial space or even a window display should be a reflection of your individual style and taste. That's why we create and offer quarterly new wall art design projects, following different design and decoration styles, to ensure that we always have something new and exciting to offer. Check out our latest projects to see what we've been up to! 

Golden Gallery  full size-2.jpg
Golden Knots-3.jpg
Golden Gallery Insta size_edited_edited.jpg
Insta size - unframed_edited.png
Golden Knots-Gold and Taupe Geometry II-Delicate Pastel Abtraction_edited.png

AfricArt Design Patterns 

New Release - Signature Design by Rita Szurgyi 

A f r i c A r t   D e s i g n   P a t t e r n s  

Feel inspired by our latest wall art designs & discover your style 

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